Wiers International® Trucks Sales, Leasing, Body Shop, Parts and Service Centers Since 1964.

Repair and Maintenance for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks and Vehicles.

Three Locations in Northern Indiana and Two New Service Centers in Indianapolis.

"Wiers has all the capabilities and quality of a dealer without the wait. You will love our proactive attention too. Wiers is Quick Turn Quality™. We are changing the industry, " Tom Wiers, Owner & President



You might be thinking, what is Quick Turn Quality™? You will get the proactive attention of an expedited initial diagnosis and we will proactively update you on the status of your vehicle(s). Being a dealer we take great pride in hiring expert technicians or training them to become experts. Wiers also uses the latest and greatest in technology and tooling. This powerful combination delivers the quick turn-around you are looking for and the quality repairs and maintenance you expect. Our philosophy at Wiers is to have a vehicle quickly up and running without cutting any corners. Basically, your vehicle will be fixed right in no time. Your Fleet is Our Mission.


When your vehicle comes to Wiers, we conduct an expedited initial diagnosis and proactively update you on the status of your vehicle.

Expedited Diagnosis - Know the Situation Much Sooner.

Once your vehicle is dropped off at Wiers we conduct an expedited initial diagnosis in about a 24 hour business day window. Can all other dealers and shops say that?

Proactive Updates - You will Know the Status of Your Vehicle.

Do you often worry about what is going on with your vehicle(s)? At Wiers, we will proactively contact you on the status of your vehicle in a very timely manner. Wiers will not leave you wondering.


As a dealer, Wiers takes great pride in aggressively going after the best diagnostic technology, tooling and technicians. The technicians at Wiers are an experienced, award-winning team.

Tech & Tool Leadership - Cultivating the Best in the Industry.

Wiers is constantly pulling together the latest in diagnostic software and hardware to make sure that we know exactly what is at issue with your vehicle(s). At Wiers, if it rolls we can diagnosis it - International, Mack, Volvo, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Detroit, Cummins, CAT and so many more. Wiers also makes sure its technicians have the latest tooling to carry out all jobs regardless of size or complexity.

Expert Technicians - Vast Experience and Award Winning.

Diagnostic technology and tooling are only as good as the technicians that use them. Our award winning, expert technicians have the experience and training to fully take advantage of our technology and tooling. Our average technician gets 36 hours a year in training, which is much higher than the industry average.