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Build a Strong Foundation for Your Concrete Trucking Business

The concrete business is dirty. There’s no getting around the mess and the rough conditions that concrete trucks find themselves in on a daily basis. These rough and dirty conditions require special attention to concrete truck maintenance in order to extend the life of the fleet. Fleet managers for concrete producing operations are always challenged with extending the longest possible life from each piece of equipment, and a partner who specializes in preventive maintenance (PM) can help you address these demands. Wiers Fleet Partners understands the nuances that come with running a concrete truck operation and will customize a concrete truck maintenance plan based on your fleet.

Create a Preventive Maintenance Plan with Wiers including all this and more:

  • Inspecting and Preventing – Basic concrete truck maintenance involves routine care such as oil and filter changes and, routine checks for wear and tear. These regular checks can prevent unsafe operating conditions and reduce the risk of small repairs becoming costly breakdowns.
  • Incorporating Downtime – A good PM schedule for your concrete truck fleet might include a regular schedule of downtime for these vehicles that work so hard. Scheduled downtime can lower costs and extend the life of your fleet in the long run.
  • Reviewing Performance – Wiers Fleet Partners specializes in the Telematics tool to help provide real-time reports and rapid repairs while trucks are out on the job and also allows concrete fleet managers to review the performance of the equipment and the drivers to ensure a smoothly running business.
  • Corrosion and Dirt Control – When a vehicle undergoes maintenance, inspect it for corrosion damage. In northern climates, the effects of snow-fighting chemicals are well-documented. But even in warm weather states, saltwater and humidity cause corrosion, especially when dissimilar metals are in contact. Even with the most modern powder coat paint systems, road debris, sand, and gravel can abrade surfaces, presenting a path for salts to act on metal. Trucks’ hangers and brackets, hose connections, springs, hinges, and body mounts are especially vulnerable. Inspection may not prevent corrosion, but it will allow you to identify it in time to take remedial action.
  • Minimizing Liability – The concrete truck maintenance plan you create with the help of Wiers Fleet Partners includes more than just repairs and inspections, it also helps you reduce the risk your company can be exposed to. By addressing and keeping detailed records of issues related to safety, especially concerning steering, braking, vision, and vehicle stability, you’re creating a system to protect against liability. In the event when records are needed, you’ll have them all at your fingertips with the use of Telematic’s comprehensive digital reporting system.

The experts at Wiers Fleet Partners have over 50 years of hands-on experience in the trucking industry.  We recognize the challenges facing the concrete fleet manager and customize our efforts toward the success of your business. Let’s get started on a PM plan for your business today.


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