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New Truck Center Takes Wiers Service to Kentucky

New Truck Center Takes Wiers Service to Kentucky

Our fourth new service center in three years will be part of the Louisville community.

We’re proud to announce that Wiers Fleet Partners is opening a new service center in Louisville, Kentucky, which will be our first outside of Indiana.

At Wiers, we’re quickly growing our service capabilities, hoping to serve our partners better – and it’s not just new locations we’re investing in.

“We’ve been in this business over fifty years and know that what our customers really need is uptime for their fleet,” said Tom Wiers, Owner & President of Wiers. “And that’s why we’re connecting with our customers in a new way, utilizing advanced technology that provides real time diagnosis.”

Wiers also invests in the communities that we live in. A portion of the sale from each job completed in the new Louisville location will be given to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help families stay close to their children receiving care. Tooling, technology, employee advancement – and service. That’s what we pride ourselves on.


Investing in Leadership

Investing in Leadership

The Wiers 2021 Leadership Team meeting provided us an opportunity to grow together, invest in our employees, and formulate a solid fourth-quarter strategy. Read more about what our team was up to.

Trucks Roll With Wiers

Trucks Roll With Wiers

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