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Wiers Technician Hauls Emergency Supplies to Gatlinburg, TN

Wiers Technician Hauls Emergency Supplies to Gatlinburg, TN

Taking action to help those in need.

On November 28, 2016, a massive forest fire wreaked havoc in Gatlinburg, a mountain town in Tennessee that was like a second home to Wiers Technician Alan Dagley. The fire killed 14 people, injured hundreds, and destroyed more than 2,400 homes and structures. Dagley immediately wanted to help.


Wiers Technician Alan Dagley

“We felt it was our duty to help others in need that had just lost absolutely everything and did not know where to turn, where to ask for help, or what they even thought they would begin to need,” Dagley said.

Wiers loaned Dagley a lease truck to haul the supplies to Gatlinburg.

So, he took action. Wiers donated a lease truck and Dagley packed it with supplies and headed out on a long, late-night drive. The rescue team in Gatlinburg were going on little-to-no sleep and had lost family members in the fire, but the whole community had come together to help. Together, Dagley and the team unloaded crates worth of food, water, and other essentials.

Supplies Dagley donated included food, water, and other essentials for the community.

Once there, the gravity of the situation really hit Dagley. “It was a heartbreaking situation to watch unfold,” he said.

Wiers started as a family business, and the spirit of family connectedness lives on and extends far beyond our service center walls. It’s people like Dagley who embody that spirit, and make us proud every day.

If you’d like to help Gatlinburg community members who still need supplies and donations, donate to the American Red Cross here.





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