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How to Setup Your Airport Fleet Maintenance Checklist

Ensuring success of your fleet is no small challenge. Many moving parts come into play and, most likely, at the center of your operational strategy is your airport fleet maintenance plan. Your fleet’s preventive maintenance is imperative as it optimizes vehicle...

Please Keep the Beer Cold (and Avoid Trucking Breakdowns Along the Way)

Late last year Uber made a news buzz when a self-driving truck successfully made a large beer delivery. While that was a truly interesting event, everyday fleet managers just like you were busy spending their time managing the day-to-day operations and trying to keep...

Got Milk? Don’t Miss These Tips To Get It There Safely

The saying, “don’t cry over spilled milk,” has a completely different meaning to the Dairy truck fleet manager. Breakdowns and delays are unacceptable in a time-sensitive industry such as dairy trucking. The transportation of food creates unique risks and requirements...

Delivery Fleet Maintenance Secrets (Because On-time Not Optional)

Today’s world brings continuous advances in agile technology allowing delivery logistics and data points to be received in real time and adjustments to be made on-the-fly. With this progress comes greater efficiencies but also the baseline expectation of on-time...

Moving Truck Tracking – Problem Solved

If you are the owner or fleet manager of a moving company, you might find yourself constantly asking questions, such as: Why is this taking so long to get delivered? Are my trucks on the best route to their destinations? Is my team working at its most productive rate?...
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