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Wiers Lease and Rental Programs

We have expanded our business offerings to customers by adding a dedicated Lease and Rental Manager to our organization.  John Sexauer, who has 27 years of leasing industry experience in sales and operations, is committed to providing a fast, accurate rental...

How Millennials Can Save the Trucking Industry

A truck driver shortage has been plaguing the transportation industry for years. Truck driving school, Driver Solutions, reports that the industry is currently facing a shortage of 50,000 drivers and the gap is only expected to widen in years to come. The main reason...

Is your Fleet Preventive Maintenance staying with the Status Quo?

An old adage, attributed to Albert Einstein, says doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  While it might be a bit extreme, sticking with the status quo in regards to your fleet preventive maintenance...

8 Point Checklist for Your Truck’s Best Tire Performance

Your fleet’s tires keep you on the road. They do so much for you but how much are you doing for them? Preventive tire maintenance is crucial to the wellness of your fleet of trucks as well as your overall business operations. Efforts in this area of your business will...
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