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Build a Strong Foundation for Your Concrete Trucking Business

The concrete business is dirty. There’s no getting around the mess and the rough conditions that concrete trucks find themselves in on a daily basis. These rough and dirty conditions require special attention to concrete truck maintenance in order to extend the life...

3 Ways to Keep Your Package Delivery Truck Healthy

Certain package delivery companies employ a unique business model. There are shipping giants who may have a thousand of trucks on the road, and at the same time the delivery drivers are independent contractors who own their own trucks. Although not for everyone, this...

Are Your Grocery Delivery Trucks Hungry?

Grocery delivery is a hot topic at the moment due to the influx of consumer-focused delivery options now flooding the marketplace. It started with an Uber-type model with companies like Instacart but has morphed and expanded into services provided by the grocery...

Congrats to Mr. Henry Totten, Award-winning Technician!

Wiers International Trucks is proud to announce that one of its long-time employees, Henry Totten made a great showing at the Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) Technician Championship with the back-to-back title of Grand Champion, among other wins in the...

If A Tree Falls In The Woods, Will Your Truck Be Repaired Quickly?

Timber trucks are some of the hardest working trucks on the roadways, and maintaining a logging truck business is even more challenging for this reason. Hauling timber is a type of operation that brings high risk and tight profit margins. If those challenges are...
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