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Do’s & Don’t of Winter Fleet Safety

Winter is here and with cold weather conditions come many driving challenges. Winter fleet safety is imperative to keeping your trucks running at their best, protecting your drivers from unnecessary dangers and avoiding risk to your business operations. Rely on Wiers...

Don’t Miss Out on your 2017 Equipment Purchase Deductions!

The years seem to fly by faster and faster, and 2017 is no exception! If you are planning to add a new truck to your fleet but haven’t got around it to making the addition yet, now’s the time to prioritize. Before the year ends (which is sooner than we all might care...

Expect the Unexpected: How to Handle Roadside Emergencies

Even with the best preparation (and a preventive maintenance schedule), breakdowns and roadside emergencies happen. It’s unrealistic to think it will never happen to one of the trucks in your fleet, and you can control two things: preventive maintenance to avoid...
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